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We are the Lower Providence Midget Football Association ("LPMFA"). LPMFA is an organization located at WARRIOR FIELD on Level Road. We are the premier youth football organization in the area. The Warriors are an organization that promotes youth football and cheerleading for children ages 5 through 15.

The Warriors play in the Keystone State League ("KSL"), which is one of the oldest, and considered by many to be the most competitive youth football league in the 5-County Phildelphia metro area. It includes many long-standing organizations from the city and suburban communities. Countless high school, collegiate, and professional players across the Delaware Valley have come from the Keystone State League. The KSL has remained strong as many other "national" leagues have sprung up all around us and competition has increased. At the Warriors, we believe that playing against the best competition in the area sets the proper expectations for hard work and dedication. Playing against the best competition helps to develop the proper attitudes and ethics it takes to continue playing football in the years ahead.

As a member of the Keystone State League, LPMFA plays competitive football against other area organizations in 5 weight classes. KSL also has an instructional 55 pound weight class that plays a full schedule of games, yet offers an environment of learning about the game and about sportsmanship. LPMFA also sponsors a flag team for the younger players and beginners.

We have no geographic boundaries or limitations. We have many players from the Perkiomen Valley, Methacton, Spring-Ford, Phoenixville, and Norristown school districts, among others, as well as many Private and Parochial schools. We feel that it is good for our players, and their parents for that matter, to have friends and teamates from many different communities in our area, rather than limited to just school friends. It creates friendships outside of their usual circles that they will value and keep for lifetimes.

The Warriors, and the Keystone State League, play football governed by age and weight rules. The merits of age/weight-based and grade-based continue to be argued by proponents on both sides, with each feeling that they are right. We will be the first to admit that we may not be the best fit for everyone due to our age/weight rules. The track record and longevity of the Warriors and the Keystone State League however do serve as a testament to the proper thinking and consideration given to the age/weight rules.

The Cheerleading program has been growing every year. These Lady Warriors cheer and perform halftime dance/cheer routines at every Warrior football game. Competition squads are also formed later in the season to compete against other area organizations.

All practices and home games are at Warrior Field at Evansburg Point Park on Level Rd. Our field is complete with snack bar, equipment facilities and restrooms. Signups begin in the spring and practice will start the first week of August. The teams practice four nights a week until school starts when they drop to two or three at coaches discretion. There will be pre-season games and scrimmages.

The Lower Providence Midget Football Association has had a long standing tradition of excellence. . LPMFA is the perfect place for the young boy or girl interested in learning about football or cheerleading and having fun. We are committed to providing a safe environment. Be sure to check out the NEWS section for all of the latest news.

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